How to manifest anything you want

7 Tips – How to manifest anything you want.

How to manifest anything you want? Before jumping on the topic, let me tell you a little story to make it easier to understand.

Here’s a little example how to manifest anything you want – John – a stay at home dad, working from his living room, looking for his three-year old toddler. As a social media consultant, he depends on his laptop to make a living. The problem is, his laptop is older even than his kid and is about to “die”. He kept focusing on getting his dream laptop – MacBook Pro 13, but he couldn’t afford it. After his old computer became unusable, John was pressed to buy a new laptop. He was looking at some budget laptops, but couldn’t find one that satisfies his desires. Always thinking of the MacBook, he decided to check for a used one, before buying one of those budget laptops. After some time of looking trough the prices of the used listings of the laptop he REALLY wanted, he found a six-month old MacBook Pro for a great price. Getting even a better deal than he hoped for, John was really grateful.

But his luck didn’t stop here, he wanted to quit his old job and find a new and better one. Looking trough the job listing, he found a job that he really liked, but didn’t qualify for. He was looking at that job offer every day, he even printed it and put it on his refrigerator. After the interview, he got a call and got the job. After seeing him, his boss told him: “You definitely don’t qualify for the job, but that doesn’t matter. I really liked how you did on the interview. We can always teach you the things you don’t know. You have a great attitude and that is more important than being 100% qualified.”

Was this coincidence – or something else at work?

We could easily say that this is dumb luck, but could he have WILLED his good fortune to happen? The common element between the laptop and the job, is that John focused on them. He even visualized them. He could feel that new laptop while working on his new job, even if the both things didn’t yet happen. Wherever he knew it, or not – he triggered The Law Of Attraction. The kind of thoughts you send out to the Universe emit a certain frequency – it can be helpful or harmful. So by focusing on the positive thoughts, you can turn them into tangible positive force in your life. On the other side, giving a dwelling to the negative thoughts, you attract more negative energy into your life. Just like John you can visualize your life. Picture the life you want, and believe you have it. This way you are sending energy to the universe and it will return the same vibe.

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By following these 7 Tips to Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of, you’ll naturally attract everything you’ve ever wanted – and MORE:

1.Take time to focus on what you desire

This is something so simple, yet so powerful. Spend 5 to 10 minutes a day to the things you want to turn to reality. Find a comfortable and quiet place, sit down and close your eyes. Keep your desires in center of your thoughts, while doing breath slowly and deep, in and out. Focus on your breath and the sensations your body is feeling, and try to keep them as an anchor too keep your thoughts from straying. If you unconsciously start wandering, focus back on your breathing. Meditation is proven to help stress relief, which helps you to focus on your everyday tasks and to have more control over your thoughts overall.

2. Practice gratitude

We have an article about the power of appreciation feel free to read it anytime. Basically every time you get the good vibes, or something good happens to you and you take time to appreciate it – you tell the universe “I like this. More of this,please.”

3.Be bold

It can be very discouraging and hazy to imagine a future outcome that hasn’t happened yet, and to accept it as the absolute truth. Consider the great figures from the past: Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Marie Curie, Vincent Van Gogh and Nikola Tesla. All of them are shining example of hot to use your mind and willpower to create something new. They had a frequency that was different from the rest of humanity. Now knowing what their work will affect the world, they kept pushing towards their vision and now have a significant part of our development. The skepticism is part of growing up. We go trough different situations that kill our dreams and we are forced to be “realistic”, that’s what you have to avoid, because the vision for “realistic” is changed by the people who rule the world. They want you to be just a product, but you are much more. Be like a kid, let your imagination go wild.

4.Keep pushing

The reality is – things will never get easier, you will just get better and will deal will old experience easier. At the beginning of you journey, it will be one big uphill climb. You have been working out good and eating right, but the pounds aren’t quite cutting down as you’d hoped; have started a side income project, but your money income hasn’t been anything more than a trickle.  You have tried overcoming your depression with exercise, medication and therapy, but the dark thoughts still come at you like a freight train. That is resistance. It will always be there, even if you do your best to manifest the life you want. How should you respond ?- KEEP PUSHING!

5.Tune out negative energy

There is always this voice in the back of your head, that whispers dark stuff when life gets tough. It loves to remind of all your failures and all the times you did bad. Most of us have those moments of high insecurity, self-doubt and depression. That’s completely normal, we are humans after all. It is important not to let those “demons” take control over you, acknowledge them, but don’t let them in.

6.Ditch your story

You should not stop with just blocking negative energy. You should go even deeper, dig another layer in your self-development.  Here’s a thing: you grew up on a set of beliefs. You were programmed as a kid from your parents, from your teacher or from your friends. In fact, from everyone you had contact with. You don’t realize it, but you operate on this programming on daily bases. You take decision based on that. This can be really great if you grew up in a positive environment, but we don’t live in a perfect world, so you for sure had some bad influence. You unconsciously carry invisible labels like “Oddball”, “Loser”, “Nerd”, “Small Fry”,”Black Sheep” or whatever. You don’t have to carry that weight anymore. Throw it away and prepare yourself for a new story. What kind of story do YOU want to live?

7.Make affirmations

This practice will help you to focus more on the positive energy and it will be easier for you to ignore the bad energy withing you. By making a statement about yourself, you start validating it as truth. Words of kindness heal the soul and can help you to overcome past failures. It’s about loving yourself. You can’t pour from an empty glass. Remind yourself daily how awesome you are. Make affirmations like “I love myself and I will spread the same kind of love.”; “I am happy, so I will make everyone around me happy,too.” “I’m feeling good, I’ll make someone smile today.” Go as big as you can

And this is just a small part of all you can do to manifest anything you want.

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