How to be more productive

How to be more productive

How to be more productive? –  a question everybody asks himself. In this fasten world it’s all about productivity. To be able to catch up with this kind of lifestyle, you need to focus, manage your time right and prioritize tasks. Try to improve those qualities to be more efficient in less time.

Also one important thing that is not from any of the above, but is not less important. – Drink more water! Water is the food for your brain, it’s source of energy. The brain is around 80% water, so it’s very influenced by your water consumption. Losing even only 2% water will cause dizziness, lack of focus, laziness and much more.

Let’s now talk about improving the qualities mentioned above.


  • Silence your phone – Nowadays your phone is the main reason to lose focus. Silence it and turn the vibrations off while you work.
  • Clean your desk – leave only stuff that you will need in your work cycle. A messy desk will lead to a messy mind.
  • Write distractions down for later – We all have fun stuff to do, the difference is how we prioritize them. Finish your work first, then reward yourself with the fun stuff.
  • Take regular breaks – you are not a machine in every 45-50 minutes of work try to take 10-15 minutes breaks. Don’t overdo your mind.
  • Work in varied enviroments – coffee shops, parks, etc… They will give you new perspectives and ideas. This will keep your mind fresh and open for new ideas.
  • Move your home office to a window – Natural light is your friend.

Manage your time

  • Plan the night, act the day! – This is crucial point and must be implemented right if you want to stop wondering how to be more productive. We are losing so much time in wondering what to do next. We get stressed and fatigued only by thinking what to do, and we accomplish nothing. You can dodge all this by simply writing the task for the day, the night before. Waking up with a clear vision of what you need to do will motivate you to clear every task on the list. You will also save time from wondering what to do. Every night write with V the task you did, and with X the tasks you didn’t do. Seeing the Xes overcoming, you will be disappointed by your own lack of action and you will push yourself to accomplish more. It is also a work journal, which you can track later.
  • Track where your time goes. – Often we lose a whole day, and don’t even know how and where. Start tracking where and on what you are spending your time. If it is not taking you closer to your goal, cut it from your daily routine, or try spending less time on it. It’s maybe fun to do it, but you will regret later, when you are not getting closer to your goal.
  • Stop using social media so much. – We spend so much time on social media, doing absolutely nothing, consuming tons of useless information. Log in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.. once or twice per day, unless your business depends on them. At first it’s hard, that’s when you realize how brainwashed you are, doing stupid things like scrolling in Facebook for no reason. Then it gets easier and you start taking advantage of social media.
  • Cut bad habits with a “stop doing” list. – Everyone has various of habits that are not benefitable and are losing valuable time. When you find yourself doing such a habit, take out the STOP DOING list and write it down.
  • Quit multitasking – People think they will save some time by multitasking, but that is no true. Multitasking can be very stressful which will exhaust you a lot faster. Also you won’t know which things to focus on what to do and so on. Focus on one task. Only one. You will accomplish it fast when you have no distractions. Then you can move to the next one.


  • Sort tasks by “Must, should, want” – Learn to prioritize your task list, as it will play crucial part of your productivity level. If you hit most of the tasks for the day, that are not related to your goal/dream, you will be at the same level you were yesterday. You don’t want that. Always strive to improve. Every. Single. Day.
  • Cut out unnecessary tasks from your list – Ask yourself “Will this take me closer to my dream?”, “Will it help me to improve?”, if not, get it out of the list.

This is the end of this article on “How to be more productive”. If you found it helpful, please comment and share.



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