How to finish what you start – 5 tips

How to finish what you start ? A problem that more and more people start to face, because of the changing times, and lack of focus in young people. When you have an idea, and start working on it, you often don’t realize it because of several stupid reasons. The worst thing is, that we adapt to that feeling of failure, and we don’t feel bad when we can’t focus on the work and finish our project. It becomes a habit “to be a failure”. You start lowering your self-esteem and your productivity levels hit the bottom. ( If you want to know How to be more productive – click here ). In this article you may find some of the mistakes people often do when they start a new business/project or whatever.

“Trust the magic of new beginnings”

  1.    Be selective

Start things only you are passionate about. You will lose motivation quick if you are not into the things you start. But if you have passion about it, it will keep your interest on the higher levels and you will want to resolve every problem you face with interest and motivation.

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist

We often don’t finish what we start, because we expect every part of the project to be perfect and we lose motivation when we can’t make it to that point, so we give up on the whole project.

Don’t do this.

Skip this part if you have to, or just do it roughly to get you the idea, and not to leave your project without one of the main pillars. Even while writing this I’m emplementing it. Not everything is clear in my head, but I write write a sentence or two to keep me going.

  1. Connect with your end vision

You will often feel down and uninspired. That shouldn’t stop you. Pause the project for a bit, take your time to visualize your end goal. What will happen when you get there? How will you feel? How will your family and friends feel, will they be proud of you?  That itself is a reason to go on. Just keep grinding.

  1. Celebrate the little things

Break your goal into minitasks. It is important to do it, because you won’t be able to finish your goal with one shot, and after some time working on your project you will feel like you have done nothing. By breaking you goal into minitasks and celebrating their accomplishment you will gain a positive momentum. After all it’s a mindset game, what you think – you become. So focus on the positive aspects of life and enjoy the little things.

  1. Commit to it

    how to finish what you start

If you want to realize an idea, you have to commit your time, energy and focus on it. When you set your daily tasks, prioritize them over the

over the slacking off and wasting time on stuff that won’t bring you closer to your goal. If you work now, you will party hard later. If you party now, you will struggle later.

Choose wise where you spend your time.

“The way we spend our time defines who we are”

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