Power of appreciation

Power of appreciation

Power of appreciation in everyday life

What is actually the power of appreciation? Each morning, when we wake up and open our eyes we are given the divine opportunity to shape our reality in a way we believe it should look like.  The majority of our society strives for success, each person with his own vision of it. Our dreams are an infinite source of energy that makes us work hard towards a final destination. There are some basic steps with which most of us are already familiar with, such as; working hard, being dedicated, having a plan, improving yourself day by day, preparing your mindset via different methods, etc.  Without a doubt, the implementation of these steps in your daily routine is a must. Yet, there is one key step, which is not that hard to be applied on a daily basis. That step is called – Appreciation. Yes, that’s correct.

In the following lines you will discover the magical results that occur when you become appreciative, some important tips which will guide you along the way. In addition, you will find out that expressing gratitude will bring true happiness to your life and strengthen your health.

Power of appreciation as a mindset

Psychology researches have already studied the huge amount of benefits that come along with gratitude. Those people who practice being grateful daily, no matter how unimportant the case may seem to some, tend to be a lot happier than those, who are neglecting the small gifts of each day. When you start practicing on your appreciative habits you begin to notice small portions of beauty that’s been hidden from your eyes almost everywhere. Each situation you encounter could be beneficial if your mindset is appreciative.

Here is one small example: The moment you wake up in the morning, not many of us realize deeply, if not at all, how blessed we actually are for having the chance to breathe, for having the opportunity of the day. Each day we wake up is a magical gift, no one is promised tomorrow. When you open your eyes, that means that nothing stands between you and your dreams. That was only a little something to begin with. Come to think of it, the list of people, things, events that we neglect can go on and on forever.

Imagine turning the tables in favor of appreciation and instead of thinking of what’s missing or what’s irritating you – realize how rich you actually are, how many things you can be grateful of. Then the magic begins. In a matter of seconds you feel a relief, an instant boost of positive energy. What is happening is that you feed your brain with positive, nutritious and healthy thoughts.

First steps

The following list provides a small portion of tips which could guide you along your way of becoming appreciative.

1. Show appreciation to your family, friends and close ones. Nothing in this world is stronger than love, yet sometimes we take people for granted and realize how precious they were right after we lose them. Surely, everyone of your close people would be extremely happy to hear that he or she is special to you. The acts of gratitude will make them feel better about themselves and by making someone happier is the first step of becoming happy yourself. It is in our nature to seek happiness and spread it. Do not hesitate!

2. Make a list of the things you have now, which once were in your goal list. Show appreciation to yourself. No matter how much time it took, the effort and dedication you put in something you believe in, without a doubt, deserves respect. You are awesome!

3.  Always remember that nothing is permanent. Not even our troubles. Whenever you feel happy – show appreciation and live that moment to the fullest. Whenever you feel in pain – know that it shall pass.
No matter how much we despise such moments – they are inevitable. The positive fact is that you have a choice! Stay strong!
Nothing makes you stronger than the hardships, which you’ve overcome. Remember that the storm comes only to pass. Show appreciation for the lessons you’ve learnt. You can do it!

4. Look around you. There are people of all kinds of statuses everywhere. It’s okay to get inspired by someone who is already in the position that you work for but never forget that there are people who would give anything to be in your shoes. The main idea of this tip is to never look down on anybody. Treat everybody with respect, treat them even. By doing so, you unknowingly show appreciation to someone, who considers you superior and that produces feelings of happiness inside him.

These were only a few tips that come to mind, of how the power of appreciation helps you. The list of things that we should appreciate is forever ongoing. Look around and smile.


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